Parish Council Play Areas and New Sports Field Equipment

The Parish Council is pleased to re-open access to the play areas and outdoor gym equipment having taken steps, following the Government’s guidance on COVID-19 risk assessment,  to ensure they are as safe as possible for the public.

At the same time, we have invested in two new pieces of equipment at the Sports Field at Cheltenham Road, free for the public to use, which offer exciting and diverse opportunities for exercise.  The new ‘Warrior Pod’ is a calisthenics zone, designed to cater for body weight training and increasing flexibility and strength.  It can be used by individuals or groups, and beginners or more experienced users, to improve balance, agility and coordination skills. The Teqball equipment can be used by two, four or more players for a simple and innovative sport based on football. It offers a great training tool to develop stamina, technical and concentration skills and there is no physical contact between the players, or touching of the equipment, which reduces the risk of injury. The basic rules of the Teqball are displayed alongside the equipment.

As with all the use of all equipment and areas, please follow the guidance on display; be aware and respect the safety of others.  Please use the equipment only for its proper purpose too.