Parish Council Committees

The Council's Committee Structure Policy and each Committees' Terms of Reference can be viewed in Policies and Procedures.

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Cllrs E Chapman, S Hughes, D Lewis (Chair), D Pope, A Robinson, B Stayt and M Stewart  (Vice-Chair)

Community Committee

Cllrs A Barriskell (Chair) E Chapman, K Dighe, Y Penn, K Pervaiz, A Reece and M Stewart (Vice-Chair)

Finance Committee

Cllrs E Chapman, W Hopkins, D Lewis (Chair), K Pervaiz, A Reece, A Robinson and B Stayt.

Planning, Highways & Environment Committee

Cllrs  J Green, J Hamer, S Hughes, D Lewis (Chair), and A Robinson (Vice-Chair)

Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee

Cllrs J Hamer, W Hopkins (Chair), S Hughes, D Lewis and Y Penn

Personnel Committee

Cllrs P Badham, W Hopkins, D Lewis, Y Penn, K Pervaiz, A Robinson and B Stayt