Covid Snake Update

The Parish Council are beginning to install the Covid Snake in the Parish Garden today.


This installation was created by hundreds of young children from Bishop's Cleeve during the Lock Downs of 2020.


We hope it will be a long-lasting reminder of the difficulties we have all had to face, and the many ways we came together as a community to help each other during the pandemic.


Please leave the installation alone, and allow us to complete it over the next few days. It is under the watchful eye of the Parish Councils CCTV system.


A lot of work went into each stone and pebble, and we would like to see it become a part of our community's history over time.


Once the installation is complete we'll try to arrange an open day for those who contributed.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to create to the Snake. And to the parents who may have helped a little bit.