Parish Council Objects to WINGMOOR FARM Variation

Parish Council Objects to WINGMOOR FARM Variation to condition 7 and 19 relating to planning consent 17/0066/TWMAJW


The Parish Council has objected to planning application 19/0066/TWMAJW Variation to condition 7 and 19relating to planning consent 17/0066/TWMAJW AT Wingmoor Farm which would allow  Grundon to change the use of the MRF to enable the transfer of putrescible (general green bin waste ie food, soiled nappies etc) waste from the Gloucestershire/Tewkesbury council areas to the site before being taken to the incinerator at Javelin Park.

The Parish Council and our surrounding Parish Councils have objected on the basis of a potential increase in odours and heavy traffic in the area and general disamenity to our local residents.

If you would like to read the full Parish Council objection you can find it here. and open PHE 2021-27May  Approved Minutes 27.05.21


Although the deadline for commenting passed on 16th June 2021 if you would like to raise an objection please do so here